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Conference dedicated to Microsoft technology and related areas. 100+ speakers, 8 tracks of topics.

online 11.05.2023, online onsite 12.05.2023, Koszykowa 75 (Warsaw)

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MS Tech Summit

About MS Tech Summit

Are you involved in any area (from development to DevOps and cloud to architecture) related to Microsoft technologies? If so, MS Tech Summit is an event made for you. Nearly 50 speeches, dozens of top speakers, expo, live streaming and as VoD...

How broad are the conference topics?

Development & Architecture
Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform
Low Code / No Code
Team Leaders, Management
Ninja lessons from the field (400+)
*Ops: SysOps, DevOps, DevSecOps..
Identity Management & Security

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  • Thursday, 11 May 2023
  • speeches broadcast live
  • discussions and Q&A sessions with the speakers (in chat)
  • access to VoD, which you can watch for 3 months


  • Friday, 12 May 2023
  • 8 tracks with specific, 35-minute speeches,
  • Round tables after speeches and discussions with speakers,
  • networking, relaxation and VIP zones

MS Tech Expo

  • leading employers recruiting in the Microsoft technology area available online (11.05) and in person (12.05).
  • meetings (online and onsite) with exhibitors, the date and topic of which you arrange in advance
  • career options, as well as service/product options from the conference theme area


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  • For uploading a CV: drone and Amazon Ring
  • For visiting the booths of the exhibitions of the MS Tech Expo:
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  • Friday, 12 maja 2023
  • Le Cabaret Cafe Jazz, Nowogrodzka 4A St., Warsaw
  • * evening meeting for Speakers, Event Partners and participants of selected packages


  • official event t-shirt (in selected packages)
  • certificate of participation

Who will perform in 2023?

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Who is on the 2023 Program Council?

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Who was on the 2022 Program Council?

Dominik Batorski
Data Science Warsaw
Rafał Malanij
Tomasz Mostowski
Dawid Osiecki
Dominik Perykasza
Bartosz Pacuszka
Mariusz Chmielewski
Narodowe Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Cyberprzestrzeni
Piotr Duczyński
Maciej Grzenda
Politechnika Warszawska
Maciej Korzeniowski
Marcin Łapiński
Adrian Kapczyński
Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne
Maciej Remiszewski
Freelance Consultant
Michał Bijata
Fundacja Academic Partners

Sponsors 2023

KMD Poland
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MS Tech Expo

  • search 1. day: Thursday (11/05), online
  • search 2. day: Friday (12/05), MiNI Faculty of WUT
  • search Hours: 9:30-15:30
  • search Free tickets (registration required)

Meet the exhibitors of 2022:

Patrons of the event




Event organizer

For nearly 11 years, we have been not only the organizer, but also the initiator of many significant events aimed at IT / data science professionals and students. In addition to MS Tech Summit, our portfolio includes MS Tech Summit, The Hack Summit, Ya!vaConf, IT Job Fair and many meetups. We also help organize IT and data science conferences for companies / organizations interested in such activities. For, questions, feel free to contact us.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences of Warsaw University of Technology can be proud of its high scientific standing (category A) and high level of education (distinction in the field of Mathematics and positive assessment in the field of Computer Science by the State Accreditation Committee), involvement of research and teaching staff in publication activities and carrying out large IT projects, including projects completed with implementation.

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About event
1. Who is the MS Tech Summit event aimed at?
MS Tech Summit at the conference for all advanced Microsoft technologies and related areas:
  • ⚬ Microsoft Technology Developers
  • ⚬ DevOps, SysOps, Cloud (Azure)
  • ⚬ Architects
  • ⚬ IT Security / Cyber ​​Security / Identity Management
  • ⚬ Microsoft Technology Consultants
  • ⚬ Data Scientists related to Microsoft technologies: Databases (SQL Server) / Data warehouses / BI (Power BI) / AI (Azure AI)
  • ⚬ LowCode / NoCode (Microsoft Power Platform) developers
  • ⚬ Management / CIO / CTO / Team leaders / Directors
2. What elements does the event consist of?

MS Tech Summit is primarily a large-scale conference devoted to Microsoft technologies and related areas. The conference is also accompanied by the MS Tech Expo industry services and job fair, and the evening afterparty.

3.What is the format of the 2023 event (online, in-person)?

MSTS during the 2023 edition will take place online (11.05) and onsite (12.05) - both the conference and the Expo. The online part will take place in the participant's account on a dedicated platform. The onsite part will take place in Warsaw, in the building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology, at Koszykowa 75. Elements of the event, including individual online and onsite speeches, are completely independent and separate from each other. Onsite content is not available to online attendees and vice versa. Only online + onsite package participants receive access to the entire event.

4.What if, for any reason, the event cannot take place in a stationary form?

In this case, the stationary part of the event will take place at a different date or online - for which, if necessary, we are fully prepared. Agenda of the event, Q&A sessions and access to recordings of speeches

Event agenda, Q&A sessions and access to recordings of speeches
5.What types of speeches are included in the Event Agenda?
    Attendees of MS Tech Summit 2023 get access to the following types of speeches:
  • ⚬ Live-streamed presentations (part online),
  • ⚬ Presentations in the form of specially prepared recordings available as VoD (part online),
  • ⚬ Live presentations (part onsite)
  • In addition, we provide a VoD library containing recordings of speeches from the previous edition of MS Tech Summit 2022.
6.How do I know in what form the various speeches will be presented?

In the Agenda, next to each lecture, there is information on what form it is presented in - Online Live, Online VoD and Onsite Live. In addition, next to each track there is information on which form it is being delivered in.

7.What language are the lectures conducted in?

Speeches are given in Polish or English. Information on the language of individual speeches is available in the Agenda.

8.Will the speeches presented live be recorded and available after the conference?

All speeches of the online part broadcast live and speeches within the Main Stage track of the onsite part will be recorded. Recordings of the live speeches, like all recordings made available in the VoD model, will be viewable in the participant's account after logging in.

3-month access to the speech recordings is available for Standard and PRO packages. Basic package participants can only access the speeches live on the days of the event.

9.When will recordings of the speeches that took place live be made available?

We usually make recordings available up to 2 weeks after the conference. We always inform you by email.

10.Until when will recordings of speeches be available?

Access to all VoD presentations and recordings of speeches that have been presented live is granted for 3 months from the date of publication of these recordings.

11.How can I ask questions of the speakers?

For speeches streamed live online, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers in the live chat. For VoD speeches, in the comments section below the lecture recording. During the stationary part, after each lecture, we have prepared a round tables session, where you will be able to ask questions and talk directly with the speaker after his speech.

12.How can I rate the speeches?
Your feedback is very important to us and the speakers, so we would be very grateful if you shared it with us.
In the case of online appearances (live and VoD), it is possible to leave a rating and comment below the video - simply select the appropriate number of stars and, optionally, add a comment.

In the case of stationary speeches - evaluation of the lecture will be possible in a feedback survey available to logged-in users in the Participant Account.
Purchase of tickets, payments, invoices
13.By when can I register?

You can register until the day of the event or until places run out (the number of tickets in each pool and package, both for the online and onsite sections, is strictly limited).

14.Can I purchase access to the VoD after the event?

Yes, it is possible to purchase packages entitling you to access the VoD recordings after the event date. However, these packages do not include gift-bags and other benefits offered to participants during the event, and the time limit for access to VoD recordings is 3 months calculated from the date of the event/publication of the recordings and not from the date of purchase.

15. How do I buy more than 1 ticket?

In the registration, please select the option "I buy for my team" and then choose the appropriate number of tickets (one ticket for one person). Once your order has been paid for, you will receive invitation codes, which you should then give to the people for whom the tickets are intended.

Each participant of the event must create an individual user account - only in this way will he or she receive access to the platform where the online part of the event takes place and be able to download a personal invitation entitling him or her to enter the stationary part. In order to create an account, the registration process must be completed by entering the invitation code received from the person who paid for the ticket in the first step. Once the invitation code has been entered, the price of the corresponding package will be reduced and the person will be able to create an account in the selected package at no cost.

16.How do I use a discount code / invitation code from a group purchase?

The discount code can be used when registering at At the first step of registration, at the bottom of the page, select the option "I have a code from the invitation" and then enter and confirm the code. Once the code has been validated, the prices of the packages within which the code is valid will be reduced accordingly.

17.Can I receive a pro-forma or deferred payment invoice?

A deferred payment invoice is available. After placing your order and completing your registration, please send an email to As this service is entirely manual, a handling fee of 49 PLN will be charged.

18. Can I receive an invoice for the purchase of tickets and additional options?

A personalised invoice is issued with each order. A VAT invoice for a sole trader is only available if you select the 'buy for business' option when choosing your package.

The title on the sales document (irrespective of the options selected) is "Participation in the MS Tech Summit conference". If you need to include additional annotations on the sales document, you will find a field to enter them during registration.

The invoice is issued by:
Academic Partners Foundation
Kwitnąca 6/46
01-926 Warszawa
NIP: 118-20-88-939

T-shirts, sweatshirts, giftbags
19.How do I collect my T-shirt (included in the package or purchased as an optional extra)?

In the case of T-shirts from the Standard package and T-shirts and sweatshirts from the PRO package - their reception will be possible only in person at the event. In the case of any additional options (T-shirt, sweatshirt) purchased separately - it will be possible to collect in person at the event or shipping to the address indicated in the registration.

20.When will I receive my T-shirt?

For items collected at the event - on the day of the event ;) For items sent by courier - approximately 2 weeks after the event.

Participation in the conference
21.Where is the event taking place?

The stationary part of the event (conference, MS Tech Expo) will be held in the center of Warsaw, in the building of the MINI Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology, 75 Koszykowa St. However, due to restrictions, the exact address may be subject to change (in such case, we will inform participants by email). All online elements of the event (access to live streaming, VoD recordings, live chat, MS Tech Expo virtual exhibition hall) will be available to logged-in users on a dedicated platform.

22.What times does the event take place?

The exact times of the event will be announced closer to the date.

23.Is lunch available for attendees during the stationary event?

For Standard and PRO package participants, lunch is available as part of the selected conference package.

24.Can I receive a certificate for attending the event?

Yes, each conference participant will receive a personal certificate to certify their participation in the event. The certificate will be available for download after the event in the Participant Account.

Participation in the MS Tech Expo
25.Can I enter the MS Tech Expo without registering?

To attend the MS Tech Expo online, you must have an active account, which you will create by registering.

26.How do I contact the exhibitors?
Exhibitors can be contacted through, among others:

    [Online part]
  • ⚬ arranging a 1:1 appointment (telephone call), in registration or in the participant's account,
  • ⚬ chatting online at the virtual stand,
  • ⚬ sending any message via the contact form on the virtual stand.

    [Onsite part]
  • ⚬ approach to the stand at the stationary Expo,
  • ⚬ conversation during the afterparty (participation only for participants with Basic Onsite, Standard and PRO package), where it is customary to have most of the exhibitors' representatives present ;).
Participation in the MS Tech Expo is, as always, completely free of charge.
27.Where can I find exhibitor stands?

Exhibitor stands will be available online (access by logging in with your User Account).

28.Who can attend the afterparty?

The afterparty is open to Basic Onsite, Standard and PRO package participants, as well as Exhibitors and Speakers.

29.Where will the afterparty take place?
The location of the afterparty will be announced closer to the event date.
Organisers and contact
30.Who is organising the event?

The event is organized by the Academic Partners Foundation (leading body, formal main organizer).

31.How can I contact the organisers?
Write an email to - this email is linked to the ticket system with monitored SLA. In urgent cases, please call +48 660 409 142.